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Hanuk Khan

Just a quick update to say that I missed Jude Law and Brad Pitt and Shah Ruk Khan in London premieres the past weeks for being so well informed, and that yesterday i passed an audition for a Bollywood Dance Company!!!

I just saw an ad in the internet and went to try.. and passed it! I was very nervous because we were 5 girls and the girl director said she only wanted 2 without saying who.
So we had to dance 3 times the same dance with our male partners ( yes, and i'm not used to it, and it feels weird to just let your body fall and expect he's gonna catch you) and everytme she said we were'nt putting our heart into it, and we could do better ( while i was breathless everytime at the end...)

Anyway finnally she said she took me and it felt a little big like big broher, being nominated and all XD

And today all my body aches, and had to buy warm strips to calm my musles XD

Friday I'm in love: The Hives gig with Jare and Jarri ( flimsss) and my sis again!!! Yay!!!!!

Pics at facebook: create an account everyone!!!

why my 2 fave songs have the word time on it?
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